Equine Chiropractic & Horse Lameness Evaluation
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Gary A. Wilson, D.V.M.

Gary A. Wilson, D.V.M.

AVCA-Certified Equine Chiropractor

Dr. Wilson grew up with horses on his family farm and spent the first 17 years of professional career as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) treating horses. During this time, he came to find that many performance, injury and lameness issues stemmed from spine and joint issues. This led Dr. Wilson to pursue certification as an equine chiropractor.


Developing his skill at diagnosing and treating injured and lame horses for over 40 years of practice, Dr Wilson can accurately identify any problems, reduce pain and keep a horse in peak condition. He has treated hundreds of show and performance horses, school horses, race horses and pleasure horses.


While chiropractic work with horses is his passion, Dr. Wilson is also available by appointment for routine medical issues and non-emergency illnesses. He can also advise on foot balance/shoeing, nutritional changes, and exercises and provide intra-articular joint injections.

Chiropractic is a family affair. Gary's son, Matthew Wilson is the lead doctor at Ashworth Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic in Des Moines, Iowa.


Customer Comments

With the chiropractic therapy, we have seen improvement in Chance's coordination and flexibility in bending. His muscle tone has improved dramatically and he can now train for longer periods of time without tiring. His attitude towards our riding sessions has improved and he is more confident as he moves through the exercises. We are so happy we could improve Chance's health without the need for medications.

Jill Z.