Equine Chiropractic & Horse Lameness Evaluation
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Equine Lameness Evaluation

Equing Lameness Evaluation


Dr. Wilson will perform a complete and through lameness evaluation by examining the following checkpoints:

Once the examination is completed, adjustments may be performed and then the posture and gait of the horse will be reassessed for response.


The appropriate treatment will be discussed with the owner or trainer. This may include recommendations for shoeing, nutritional changes, exercises and intra-articular joint injections.


Dr. Wilson will follow up in a few days after treatment to see how your horse is performing. Follow-up appointments can then be scheduled to keep your horse in optimum condition. Regular chiropractic and lameness evaluation is essential to the overall health of your horse.


Customer Comments

Our lesson horses work hard and many have arthritis, back and/or muscle pain which is greatly improved through chiropractic adjustments. I would strongly recommend using Dr. Wilson whether your horse is young, old or somewhere in between.

Cindy - Double J Riding Club